The production programme includes ingot moulds and accessories in the materials nodular cast iron (GJS), cast iron with lamellar graphite (GJL) and special cast iron (GJL/SE).

Photo: Lintorfer Eisengiesserei GmbH

Nodular cast iron - GJS:

The successful results of this material are well proven in the many fields of application for ingot moulds as well as for trumpets of the Lintorfer Eisengießerei GmbH.

Photo: Lintorfer Eisengiesserei GmbH

Cast iron with lamellar graphite - GJL:

The use of this quality is appropriate for  accessories like  bottom pouring plates and bottom plates as well as for special ingot mould sizes.

Photo: Lintorfer Eisengiesserei GmbH

Special cast iron – GJL/SE:

This quality with a special analysis (e.g. increased content of carbon) is used for slab moulds and certain bottom pouring plates due to its better thermal conductivity.